Robots and Coding for kids!

Yes! The decision is made, I finally figured out what Zus ziet has to be about! I’m so excited! Yesterday evening the puzzle finally came together. Dear reader I hope you are as enthusiastic as I am because I’m going to combine my tech-world with the kids-world! My goal is to introduce the world of coding, robots and technology to kids as young as three! I want to help you moms (and dads) by showing that coding isn’t as hard or scary as it might seem and even help you realize how important it is for kids to learn about this stuff nowadays. It’s equally as important to learn how to read and write. Yup.. I said ‘equally’… Studies show that learning to code at an early age brings all kinds of benefits in the future. I’ll elaborate in an other article about this. Wait! Don’t click away, let me explain. Let me show you, because a picture is worth a thousand words right?! (Also watch the video below… that’s also a must see…)

Cubetto – isn’t he cute!?


Meet this cute cubical robot called Cubetto. Cubetto can move in any direction you program for him. This little robot is designed for kids from the age of 3 and up. The girl in the picture above points at the programming board, where you use colorful instruction blocks to tell Cubetto where to go. Every block has it’s own function. Like “forward”, “turn left”, “turn right” etc. In this picture Cubetto stands on a world map with trees, water and mountains and stuff. By placing the colorful instruction blocks in the right order on the programming board, you can let Cubetto ride towards the mountains or the trees, avoiding the water for example. Let the imagination run wild, that’s when Cubetto comes to life. There are more world maps available, you can even create one yourself!

In a few months of time, I’ll buy an Cubetto. I’ll write articles about it and maybe even make a Youtube video! I also want to share this cute robot with as many kids as I can, so I’ll be contacting daycare facilities to ask if they are interested in me coming over and play with the kids for a while. To be continued!

KIBO – He sees distance, illumination, he can drive, hear and he has a multi colored light!




This is KIBO, designed for kids from 4 and up. You can program KIBO by using instruction blocks with bar codes on them. Lay the block in the sequence you want KIBO to do stuff and then scan the bar codes with KIBO. The program is then loaded into KIBO’s memory and with a push on a button, KIBO will run through the program. Again, with the fantasy of the kids KIBO comes to life. There have been themed school projects where KIBO was decorated and where kids made the robots dance and play soccer. The sky is the limit! I find this stuff so amazing and I actually want to buy this robot too for the same reason as stated above. Give as many kids as possible the chance to play and learn from it.

Scratch – coding for kids from the age of 4

Aside to coding with robots, there are also very cool coding apps for kids, Take for example ScratchJr. With ScratchJr you can create your own little game even before you can properly read! There is also a Scratch for bigger kids who already read. I’ll write an article about these apps in the near future!



Studies show that it’s beneficial for kids to practice the way of thinking and problem solving as you do while coding. Kids are pure and unfiltered. They use their imagination and aren’t burdened with the fear of messing up or other feelings of insecurity that might stop them from being fearless.

I’m very happy to say I finally found my niche if it comes to my blog. I enjoyed doing beauty stuff and mom related articles but it wasn’t my true passion. This topic is, it has social value and it combines my two favorite worlds. Kids and Tech are the future if you as me and I want to help where ever I can.

Stay tuned, more to come! In the meantime:



14 thoughts on “Robots and Coding for kids!

  1. Wat leuk en vooral ook interessant. Het is voor mij een onbekende wereld. Het is wel de toekomst of eigenlijk al het heden. Ik ben benieuwd. Ontzettend fijn dat je een knoop hebt doorgehakt en nu iets kunt doen waar je hart ligt. Veel schrijfplezier!

    1. Dank je wel Meike! Ik hoop dat ik je wegwijs kan maken in deze toffe wereld! Dat is immers mijn doel. Welcome to my world!

  2. Geweldig dat enthousiasme, fijn dat je eindelijk je bestemming hebt gevonden. Klinkt voor mij ook veel interessanter dan shoplogs of hoe maak ik me op filmpjes! Als je het leuk vind kom ik ook zeker een keertje spelen als de robots er zijn en mag je natuurlijk altijd een gastblog schrijven 😉

  3. Wat leuk en interessant! Hier is opa de techneut en nemen de jongens dit al helemaal over. Ik blijf je volgen! En wat goed dat je je passie gaat volgen !

  4. Wat klinkt dat ontzettend gaaf allemaal! Ik ben heel erg geïnteresseerd in uitdagend spelen, dus ik ga je zeker volgen. Wie weet heb je ook leuke tips voor niet zo heel technische mama’s die dit met hun kinderen willen proberen. Ga deze blog even delen op mijn pagina, want ik heb verschillende volgers met (hoog)begaafde kinderen. Heel veel succes!

    1. Ha Marquerita, dank je dat je wilt delen! Hoe meer kinderen en ouders ik kan bereiken hoe beter. Jong geleerd ie oud gedaan! X

  5. He-le-maal leuk!!! Ken je het boek ‘Hello Ruby’? Right up you street. The right street, if you ask me :-D!


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