Robo wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind – Build & code a robot yourself! (age 5+)

Robo wunderkind
Little girl programming Robo Wunderkind

Yes! I found another fantastic robot for kids ages 5 and up. It’s still a kickstarter project but I literally glow inside of excitement when I see this. It already made onto my wishlist! This is Robo Wunderkind, a modular robot consisting of “robo cubes”, wheels and all sorts of cool sensors like a proximity, light and even a meteo sensor (advance kit). They made it easy to program and control with a tablet or smartphone. I haven’t tested it just yet, out but it sure looks easy… (picture on the right).

This robot teaches to think and be creative, because you need to build whatever robot you want and it also teaches how to think in small little sequential steps, because the robot needs to be programmed to do just what you want it to do. On the website of Robo Wunderkind there is a fun example: ” Solve mazes, program your robot to guard your room or surprise your parents with a weather forecast.” I love it!

I think this is a wonderful concept because kids aren’t aware they are training very important skills, they’re just enjoying themselves and playing with others to achieve a goal (social skills). Not every kid will grow up to be a coding expert that’s perfectly fine of course, but at least they will grasp the idea behind the technology which on it’s own, is also very important. I’m definitely checking my budget for this one, because I want to give my kids and others the opportunity to play with it as well. My ultimate goal would be to go to elementary schools and be the “techmom” for an hour or two. (By the way: Robo Wunderkind even developed a curriculum for elementary schools, how convenient!)

What do you think about it? Would your kids want to play with this?



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