Today, learning to code or at least practise the way of thinking and problem solving is in my humble opinion equally importent for kids as learning the english language. I hope to inspire (young) parents and kids to learn about technology so that they grow up not only as technology consumers but also als creators.

My mission is to reach as much parents as possible to tell them about the world of programming, robotics and technology.

Target audience
Parents and kids (3 to 12 years) who are interested in the magical world of coding, robotics and technology.

Videos (First impressions – unboxing – reviews)
I love to make videos so if you want me to make one about a product or something else let me know by sending me an email.

Blog posts
I love to write so if you have a topic for me then drop me an email.

Do you have something to give away? I can run a contest on my site if you like. If the product is in line with the topics of my blog and her readers, then let me know!

Press releases
Always interested! Mail me.

Honesty is key. I only write about stuff I really care about. If I’m not crazy about a product that is sent to me to review, I’ll contact you to discuss how to go about it.

Hope to hear from you!

Zus – [email protected]

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